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Available September 20!

There's a rescue dog. An old crush. A small town. Beer. Boudoir. Second chances. Sweet heat. And there's a dog. 


Waterborn Series


He was the last thing she wanted—and the one thing she needed.


Romance isn’t part of Kenna James’s two-year plan for world cookie domination. She’s worked hard to get her business going and can’t stop now. But there’s no need to call her a workaholic! Here she is, taking a peaceful beach getaway. At least it would have been peaceful if Nick Frost hadn’t shown up. 

The irresistible former NFL player is as fit as ever, and Kenna can still feel the kiss they shared last New Year’s Eve—just before she found out he was there with someone else. On top of that, their kids are dating. It all makes him completely off-limits. Besides, as she keeps reminding herself, romance isn’t in the plan.


Heisman trophy winner Nick Frost can count a lot of proud moments in his life, but kissing Kenna James while he was out with another woman isn’t one of them. He’s determined to make things right, but there’s a problem: Kenna won’t even agree to a lunch date.


With just one week on the clock, Nick has his eyes on the prize—a second chance. Can he convince Kenna to rewrite her two-year plan and make room for a love that could last a lifetime?


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