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It was supposed to be two months of fun in the sun. Two months to spend with my dad and finally get answers about a mother he refused to talk about.


Instead, I discover my life is a lie The sun and water betray me, exposing magic I didn’t know I possess and powers I don’t understand.


The one bright light in my crumbling world is Noah Jacobs, the boy I saved from a pack of bullies. I can’t resist his ocean eyes. He can’t resist my Song. What at first felt like a gift, now feels like a curse. I don’t want to hurt him.





I want to hate her. She’s seen me at my worst. I was happy in my self-imposed exile. Until she called me home. But home hurts. It holds too many memories of the family I lost, too many reminders of my failures.


Resisting her Song proves futile, and soon I don’t want to. She thinks she’ll hurt me. She thinks she needs to protect me from the magic. But I’m not weak. It’s my job to protect her. If only she’ll let me.



Sweet. Dangerous. And swoon-worthy guys. Water Song is the first installment in the Waterborn series. If you love YA paranormal romance full of emotion, self-discovery, fated mates, magic, family intrigue, and a cast of characters you’ll grow to love, then immerse yourself in the world of Water Song.


Waterborn Series


I have gills. I can breathe water. And that lightning storm that ruined my dad’s dinner party? That was me. 

After a life-threatening incident involving sharks and lots of blood, and more than one out-of-control storm, I’m forced to take action.

There’s only one person who can help, Athen Kelley, the man who fathered me, a man whose power frightens and thrills me. I don’t know if I can trust him. He hurt my mother. But if I want to learn control, I have no choice. That doesn’t mean I have to like him. I know I’ll never forgive him.

If things weren’t complicated enough, an enigmatic stranger shows up, calling me by my mother’s name. He insists I claim my place in my new tribe or risk losing it altogether. 

And then there’s Noah Jacobs, the ocean-eyed boy who answers my Song. The magic between us is undeniable. I feel its heat in the pearl I wear around my wrist. Noah vows to keep me safe. But when an unexpected adversary threatens his life and the lives of my family, it’s up to me to keep us all safe.


After tragic events robbed her of the love of her young life and the baby she carried, eighteen-year-old Erin Shaw is ready to move on. Erin has something to prove, not to anyone else, but to herself. The one thing Erin isn’t interested in is a boy. She’s been down that road and it ended in heartbreak. But when she bumps into Michael Bray, the local basketball hero—who’s one part geek and one part jock—it’s all she can do to resist his understated charm. Their budding friendship quickly spirals into something deeper and after one kiss on a moonlit beach, Erin rediscovers something she thought she'd lost forever—hope. 

But if Erin has learned one truth, it’s not to get too comfortable because everything can change in an instant. And one instant is all it takes for her past to come crashing back into her life with an all-consuming force. Erin is faced with the impossible choice between remaining true to a vow she once made or remaining true to the young woman she’s become.

Heartbroken after his break-up with Erin, Jamie Jacobs reluctantly acts as the poster boy when his kind is officially introduced to the world. But Jamie doesn’t relish the role of circus clown, and when an unexpected ally offers him the chance to change his course, Jamie must decide between the life he thought he wanted and one that will mean breaking all ties to those he loves.


If Noah Jacobs thought life would settle down now that his brother is back and the tribe is out of the closet, he’s got another thing coming. The seemingly smooth transition from obscure species to superhero status isn’t so smooth after all. And when Caris drops a bomb that changes his life forever, Noah comes face-to-face with one of his greatest fears.


Sol Kelley believes in two things, himself and magic. He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t have regrets. He see’s a problem, he deals with it. Convincingly. Some people think that makes him an asshole. Sol thinks it makes him expedient.

When the magic goes perversely wrong, Sol has no choice but to resort to extreme measures. Blowing up his boat while he was still on it sounded like a good idea at the time. He should be dead. But magic always comes with a price, and when he wakes up blind in Farron Akers’ bed, a girl whose face he can’t remember, he finds himself needing a place to lay low and regroup. It doesn’t take long for Farron’s fiery touch and fallen-angel voice to tempt him into doing naughty things.

Too bad he swore not to touch her. Too bad his sordid past has a nasty habit of catching up with him. And when it does, Farron is stuck in the middle, and Sol will use everything in his arsenal to get her back. Or die trying.


Jeb Bohe, waterborn and overnight modeling sensation for Sebastien Surf, just wants to forget the assault that nearly cost him his life.


Too bad it isn’t working.


He knows all too well what the glossy images hide: a dark soul tortured by a dark secret. A secret he’s determined to keep.


And girls? He’s sworn off those. But Jeb can’t refuse a damsel in distress, and he soon finds himself torn between a girl he once saved and a woman who isn’t at all what she seems.


Only one has the power to heal his soul.


Until his enemy strikes again, forcing a face-to-face with his demon. Revenge is finally within reach. But the cost might be too high if it means telling the truth.

One of my dad's favorite sayings is, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." 


Well, Jamie Jacobs happened. Jamie was, and always would be, forbidden fruit. Besides being four years older than me, he was the newest recruit of my dad's experimental team. Jamie was also the experimental part of the team. Meaning he wasn't exactly human. He was amazingly more than human. What better person to recruit to be on a SEAL-type team than someone who was literally born to be in the water? 


Some people go their whole lives and never know love. I knew it at sixteen. While I didn't know Jamie forever, I knew him long enough that he changed me. He didn't mean to break my heart. He didn't mean to crush my dreams, but he did. And if I had it to do all over again, I would. I absolutely would. 


This is our story. Because I never want to forget. 

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