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A Writers Mind

Okay, it's done. Isn't it?

Oh, my gosh, what the hell am I doing?

Push publish. No don't.

Shouldn't it be easier this time?

Wait. Read it one more time, just to make sure. You did catch 3 significant errors the last read through. You know there's more.

There's always more.

Homonyms are the bane of my existence. Who invented them? And why?

If I have to read this story one more time I will shoot myself in the head. And I was just changing stuff for the sake of changing stuff. Erin stood, Erin was standing, who the hell cares?

I should have deleted that f-bomb.

Man, I should have left that particular f-bomb in. He would have so said that in front of his mother.

No one's going to like it. You're going to embarrass yourself.


It's different than your others. It's too unbelievable. And it's kind of sad.

Beauty and the Beast meets Aquaman in an angsty real life kind of way.

Love triangles are so cliche'.

You're an idiot to write this stuff.

People will roll their eyes and laugh.

You'll never be able to go in public again.

But I cry at the end every time.

You know what? Screw it.

It's my dream. It's my life. It's my imagination.

I've done my best. This is my favorite story I've written.

I'm off to drink wine and eat French fries while I wait for the book to go live.

After the last week there was no way I was going to edit this post.

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