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So this happened...

My husband died.

Time froze.

Writing stopped.

During one sleepless night, I picked up Waterborn and started reading. I cringed a few times. Cried a few times. Then the next thing I knew I had my computer out and the Waterborn files open and found myself changing words here, deleting words there, cause you know, it was my first book, and I have learned a thing or two. It ended up being a much-needed distraction, so I went on to the next book, and then the next. In a knee-jerk reaction, I unpublished all my books from Amazon, and decided I wanted to start over, start fresh. Get it right. I hired a new editor and thought, why stop there? I've never really loved my covers. They're not that cohesive. They don't convey genre clearly. These stories are romances after all. So I hired a cover artist and ended up rebranding the whole series. Something in me just wanted to make these books the best that I can because they are the books of my heart. And well, life's too short for regrets.

Sometime during this process, I was motivated to write again. Finishing Sea Forever wasn't easy. It took months to write the last five chapters. I vividly remember poking my head out the back door on July 4th of last year and asking Scott, who was sitting by the pool, drinking beer and listening to music, if it was all right if I worked for a while. Of course he said yes--he was my biggest cheerleader. Two days later he died. I should have joined him by the pool that day.

Yeah, guilt played a role it in taking so long for me to find my writing legs again. And it still isn't easy. But Sea Forever is finished, and I should be getting the final edits back any day.

I'm in the process of relaunching the series, now the Waterborn Series, with new titles and covers that I'm obsessed over.

I'll be getting the next three covers finalized in the coming weeks. Book four is now titled Soul Bound, book five is Fire Bound, and book six will stay Sea Forever. These do have content changes, but most of them are pretty minor. I am working on a way for those of you want the new versions to get them without having to buy them again.

Stayed tuned for updates on a release date for Sea Forever. That story ended up surprising me. ;)

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